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Why you should always carry a silk scarf to a business lunch or conference

ways to use a silk scarf
Model holding a bag with Silk scarf in Suffragette colours printed with inspiring quotes by women in history tied around the handle

Silk scarf in Suffragette colours printed with inspiring quotes by women in history


You are attending an all day conference with complementary lunch when you suddenly realise that half of it seems to have made its way onto your outfit.

To make things worse there will be a Q&A session after the meal and you’ll have to stand up in front of everyone when you speak.

We’ve all been there haven’t we? (Please tell me it’s not just me!) Pasta sauce splattered over your blouse, the balsamic dressing finding its way onto your trousers. So what can you do when you are out and about with no chance of swapping your clothes for a clean alternative?


Enter the silk scarf. It hides all manner of sins and can even add a stylish pop of colour to your outfit.

Win win. Here are three ways to wear it for an elegant solution to your power lunch  disasters.


1. Tied to your handbag

Silk scarf tied to bag handle in bow

Navy on grey silk scarf featuring quotes by inspiring women in history

This first step is essential of course as all other steps will fail if you don’t actually have said scarf with you. Colour coordinate it to your outfit; tone-in-tone or a lovely contrast colour to add interest. By adding the scarf to the outside of your bag you are making sure that it matches your outfit and will therefore look good with what you are wearing. This is important as a mismatched accessory won’t be of much use to you once you are desperately trying to hide the evidence of your lunch. I also recommend choosing a scarf of a good size for reasons you’ll see below.

2. Draped around your neck

Silk scarf tied in large bow around neck

Silk scarf in Suffragette colours printed with inspiring quotes by women in history

If the result of your spillage is down the front of your blouse or jacket you can elegantly drape your scarf to cover the worst of it. You can even use some stain removal techniques and not have to worry about walking around in a wet blouse for a few hours. If you want to be super stylish you could add a nice brooch to make your look seem even more intentional.

3. Tied around your waist



A white female model wearing black jeans and white t shirt holding a black bag and a Dara Ford scarf tied as a belt

Stains on trousers and skirts can be particularly tricky – you don’t want people wondering whether the wet patch is due to some toilet mishap. Conceal the worst of it by rolling your scarf up and either threading it through your belt loops or tie it round your waist. This is where having a large enough scarf comes in handy. Tie the knot just above the stain you are trying to cover and let the ends drape down.

It might result in a slightly bohemian look, but remember you are choosing the lesser of two evils.

Are you a fan of a beautiful scarf? How do you wear yours and have you ever used it to hide your sloppy mistakes? I’d love to hear about your business lunch disasters.


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