Blue Grey Silk Scarf

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This luxurious square blue-grey silk scarf is printed with inspiring quotes from women in history. Sometimes funny, sometimes profound and wise, I hope they provide you with inspiration and a feeling of association and sisterhood. I have included one quote by my eldest daughter, creating an arc between past and future generations.

My print scarf range is one of the most favourite items that my clients add to their orders. They are extremely adaptable because they can be worn in so many ways to enhance your look. Wear with a tailored suit for an effortlessly elegant look, or match with a blazer and jeans for a more casual look. Available in two other options; Burgundy Silk Scarf and Suffragette Silk Scarf.

Here are a few suggestions of the many ways you can wear my blue-grey silk scarf: simply fold it in half to form a triangle then wrap it around your neck so the point is downward, or tie a knot around the neck and let the two ends hang. If you want to show off the quotes, or it’s getting a little warm, just tie the scarf to your bag.

10% of every sale goes to Refuge, the women’s charity, and from March 2022 the remaining 90% will benefit UNHCR for refugees fleeing conflict around the world.


  • Printed and finished in the UK
  • High-quality digital print
  • Rolled hems
  • 100% Silk


  • Length: 180cm
  • Width: 45cm



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