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Fashion changes, but style endures.

Coco Chanel

Contemporary Tailoring for Women

Shopping for women’s tailoring on the high street and finding that impeccably cut dress or suit  can seem impossible. We all have slightly different proportions, a longer torso or thicker waist than the retailers and designers cater too. When I think of how different the women I see are it amazes me that we find anything to wear in conventional stores at all. In order to achieve that elusive perfect fit bespoke tailoring is the solution.

No two garments are the same because no two women are the same. When you choose bespoke tailoring and even made-to-measure tailoring the garment will be cut and made to fit you and no one else.

There is no perfect size – only the perfect fit

If you are tired of ‘making do’ with what you can find in conventional stores or simply don’t have the time to spend hours searching for that perfect fit then you have come to the right place.

Cream blouse & blazer on a dressmakers dummy
Tailor Dara Ford's hands marking out a pattern using chalk and a wooden ruler on a burgundy cloth

Tailored to you

Your needs and wishes are at the centre of each design. I do not impose my ideas on you – we develop your perfect garment together. Not only considering the overall look, but also thinking about how you will wear it and what functionality will aid you. E.g. a pocket for your travel or business card or a slightly wider sleeve to fall over your watch.

Most of all we will create a design that enhances your best features and that will help you make a brilliant first impression. I want you to be the woman who is remembered for looking great, not for the dress she wore.

It is my aim to design contemporary stylish yet timeless tailored pieces that you can love and wear for years if not decades. Bespoke tailoring might be steeped in tradition, but it does not need to be boring or stuffy in its appearance. Let me show you how time honoured techniques can be used to create beautiful and modern tailoring for women.

Dara Ford Bespoke Tailoring


The ultimate tailoring experience. A design and pattern created to your unique measurements. Choose fabrics, design and details.

Made to Measure

Women’s tailoring made to fit you. Choose from a collection of existing designs and have them tailored to your shape.

Dara Ford Shop


A capsule collection of luxury women’s tailoring made from exquisite fabrics and crafted in the UK.