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Bespoke Tailoring

Tailoring techniques and insights into bespoke

Have you ever wondered how much bespoke tailoring costs? Or why hand sewing is better than machine stitching? Would you like to know how long it takes to make a bespoke garment? Or perhaps you’d like to know what to expect at your first fitting?

In my articles I aim to answer all these questions and more. My expertise in haute couture tailoring gives me a unique view on the processes and techniques used to create perfectly fitting clothes. I want to shed light on why it takes so long to create a beautiful garment and explain the differences in finishing available.


The world of bespoke and haute couture can seem mysterious and exclusive, but I hope to make it more accessible to you. Come on in, browse my articles and guest posts and discover the world of bespoke tailoring. Have you got a question I haven’t answered yet? Please get in touch and I’ll make it the focus of one of my next articles.