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Do this one thing to transform your wardrobe

blog cover showing a womens tailored suit jacket

Womens tailored suit jacket

Can it really be that easy to create new outfits that will make you look and feel great?

Well, yes. All the stylists I know agree on this key item to pull together a look and give you an instant edge regardless of what else you are wearing. What is this wonder item? The perfectly tailored jacket. Buy one from the high street or have one tailored, but make sure you own one to provide you with endless options for stylish and smart looks that will take you from your desk to pretty much anywhere.


Grey blazer

Blazer by Max Mara

Versatile and timeless

A tailored jacket can make a casual outfit smart and even transform a traditional suit to evening wear if you omit a shirt or blouse. You can wear it with skirts, dresses, trousers or jeans for a nonchalant feel. The key to making it work for you is to find a style that suits your body shape and most importantly your personality. When searching for a good fit there are two areas you should pay particular attention to: the shoulders and the bust. Ideally you want to find a jacket that fits the shoulders well as this area is the most difficult (and therefore expensive) to alter. Once you have found a jacket you love consider having it taken in to fit you perfectly – a small tweak here or there can have a big impact on your overall appearance.


ou pp

Blue suit by Stella McCartney

ou pp

Midnight blue blazer by Theory

fr pp

Blush blazer by Stella McCartney



Gucci suit in fuchsia pink


Buy the best you can afford

I would also strongly recommend investing in natural fibres and avoiding materials such as polyester which will make you feel sweaty and uncomfortable. A mid weight wool crepe or wool worsted would be ideal as you can wear them year round. Colours such as navy or black are easy to combine, but bold block colours such as red or green can also be great depending on the other items in your wardrobe.

turquoise silk jacket


Shop with a plan

Before you hit the shops take stock of the items in your closet. To avoid overwhelm I suggest you pull out your favourite pieces, e.g. the dress you always feel great in, your best fitting jeans, etc. Look at any common themes and make a note of which colour would complement most of those clothes. Think about how you want the blazer to make you feel and make sure you don’t settle for something mediocre. This is going to be a key piece of your wardrobe and you want it to last.

Happy New Year

Get inspired

Don’t know where to start or which style will suit you? Research style bloggers or celebrities that have a similar shape to yours and take note of the silhouettes they favour. Most style blogs will have links to shop the featured items making your job that much easier. Pinterest is a great resource for this too.


I hope this has motivated you to take a fresh look at your wardrobe and given you some tips on how to get the most out of what you already own by adding a great tailored jacket. Do let me know what you think – I love hearing from you.



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