An investment in you

Miuccia Prada once said that 'Fashion is instant language' and your appearance is your instant business card. We all make split second assumptions about the people we meet and wearing a perfectly tailored suit or dress can help you make the right impression from the start, putting you at ease and ensuring that you feel comfortable and confident in any situation. Research has shown that people in bespoke suits are judged to be more successful, confident and proactive than the same person in a ready to wear suit. So, whether you are an established business woman or a recent graduate in need of your first interview suit, investing in bespoke will set you apart from the competition.

Benefits of bespoke

Choosing a bespoke garment is an investment no doubt. But one worth making for the results it achieves. Bespoke by definition is a garment that is perfectly tailored to your shape and proportions and which is designed to your specifications – this involves taking more than 50 detailed body measurements and translating them into a basic pattern from which more complex designs can be derived. A minimum of 4-5 fittings are needed to check the fit of the garment during construction – carefully honing the shape to a perfect final result.

Bespoke tailoring can also help smooth out the slight body imbalances we all have; e.g. a dropped shoulder, a slightly longer leg or round back. This is achieved through a cleverly cut garment and extra padding where needed, thereby creating the sharp silhouette associated with bespoke suits. Seam allowances are also deeper allowing a garment to be altered as your body changes over time, ensuring longevity and making your investment go further. I personally hand make each suit at my studio in Isleworth; so you can also be sure that your garment was made ethically.

Bespoke sewing techniques

The construction of a bespoke suit or dress is very different to conventionally sewn garments. I gently manipulate the cloth through steaming and pressing to curve and drape across the body. Almost 75% of all stitches in my bespoke garments are done by hand ensuring that edges gently curve towards the body, collars and lapels lay flat and hems roll without kinks and breaks. These techniques take time and patience but create a crisp end result that cannot be matched by faster construction techniques. To create shaping in the body, I hand stitch canvas interlinings to the outer fabric, adding shape but not bulk. Garments created in this way last longer and wear better. True investment pieces that will work for you – season after season.