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an image of Stefania Bartolomei wearing a gold jacket and chunky teal necklace

The trouser suit – a professional’s wardrobe staple, but can it be worn in more ways than just for the office?

I asked personal stylist Stefania Bartolomei to inspire us with ten ways to wear a trouser suit and help you get more out of your tailoring.

Stylist helping a woman try on a coat

1. The classic – suited and booted

Of course, the most simple and professional way to style your trouser suit is with the full suit, heels, crisp blouse, and jacket over the top. This is the go-to for high end professional looks and works perfectly for office-days and meetings.

2. Suited and comfortable

In the current day and age, a suit may feel a little over the top so adding something a little less formal than a blouse can make it more appropriate for working from home. Adding a classic tee can be a great way to tone down the look with your blazer over the top. 

Woman leaning against building wearing a beige suit jacket over a grey sweater

3. Add some texture to your suit 

I love adding texture and different fabrics to my outfits and one way to do this with a trouser suit is with knitwear! This is a great way to stay warm and professional during cooler months. Pop your favourite jumper, perhaps a turtleneck or luxurious knitted piece under your blazer and keep your look cosy and professional. 

4. Change up your shoes

Shoes can be a powerful way to make a suit more professional or on the flip side, more casual. Adding some beautiful sneakers to your suit can be a great way to feel more comfortable during your working day over the stylish and often more office-appropriate stilettos. As a go between, you can use flats too. Another option is the recently more popular platform sneakers, to add some height, particularly if your trousers are tailored to fit with high heels.

Kamala Harris on the campaign trail wearing her siganture suit and converse shoes

Vice President Kamal Harris in her signature look of suit and sneakers

5. Add a waistcoat

Waistcoats can be a fabulous addition for men’s suits and women can do the same too. With this additional item it can bring in the waist and work well on warmer days if you may need to take off your blazer. 

6. Mix and match your blazer

You can add some personality and difference to your trouser suit by investing in complementary blazers. With the addition of a new pattern, or a complementary colour, you really can drastically change up the way your suit looks. 

7. Wear your suit jacket with jeans

I know, you may be cringing if you are a classic suit wearer but bear with me. A blazer from your suit can upgrade a more casual look quickly. Pop on your favourite jeans, a shirt or even a tee, and then put your blazer on top and you’re now smart casual. 

8. The accessories can make a difference

Whether it’s a scarf, a headband, or your bag, consider making changes to your classic suit look with your accessories. If your suit is a classic colour such as navy or black, adding colour with your accessories can add a pop of personality to your look. Consider investing in a beautiful colourful bag, or some colourful earrings to change up the look. 

hand holding a Green ostrich pattern clutch bag with gold fastener9. Make your trouser suit a little sexy

Now, this is probably not work appropriate and more suited to date night. Wear your suit with just your blazer, your suit trousers and add heels. Add a long necklace and a great bra and you can really feel powerful and sexy. And if this feels a little too risqué you could add a silk camisole with a lace edge. 

Model wearing turquoise trouser suit with turquoise silk blouse
10. Add a belt to your suit

Bring some definition to your suit with a beautiful belt tied in at the waist. A buckled belt that has colour, or a great metal buckle can help define your waist, add some texture, and can competely transform the suit, especially if you choose an oversized blazer. Have a look at this great example from Hanni Lane on Instagram for some inspiration.

I hope this helps inspire you to wear your tailored suit in new ways. I’d love to hear how you get on with trying these new styles, or if you feel I’ve missed some ways to mix up your trouser suit! 

And for more great tips and style advice please head over to Stefania’s blog.

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