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5 tips to get your wardrobe ready for autumn

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It’s the first of September and though technically still summer there is a definite chill in the air and a wonderful crisp smell first thing in the morning. Autumn is on its way and with it cooler weather. So while summer clings on for a few more days, now is the perfect time to prepare your clothes for the winter months. With that in mind here are five tips on how to get your wardrobe ready for autumn.

1. Unpack and sort

Take all your clothes out of storage or retrieve them from the back of your closet. Discover your old favourites and inspect them for any damage. Hopefully you’ll find everything in good condition, but if you do find that the moths got to your favourite jumper consider whether it can be salvaged. Make piles of clothes to keep, store, donate, repair, sell or throw away. Don’t overthink it and make your decisions quickly. You can include a ‘Not sure’ pile to help with this and come back to it later.

declutter your wardrobe

Sort clothes into piles

2. Take stock & plan outfits

Have a look at what you are left with and think of ways to combine your clothes. Have fun trying on your skirts, trousers and dresses and try to find new ways of styling them. Make a note of any items you are missing. Don’t forget to include accessories, shoes and handbags in your planning. To make it more fun you could ask some friends over and ask them to give you thumbs up or down to help you make choices.

3. Take clothes and shoes to be repaired

Although it can be tempting to rush out and browse the new season arrivals in stores I would encourage you to get existing items repaired and cleaned first. Take your shoes to a cobbler to be re-heeled and polished. You’ll be surprised how much that will improve their look. Have your clothes dry-cleaned and pressed. Most dry-cleaners will have an in-house tailor too who can repair or alter your clothes to fit you better. Alternatively seek out a local specialist tailor to help you. A small tweak to the shape can have a big impact on your look and the cost is likely to be a fraction of a new outfit.

threads pins sewing mending

Mending clothes


4. Renew the water proofing on your outerwear

Nobody likes getting soaked in the rain – at least not in the fall or winter. If you have had your coats for a few seasons it might be time to get the waterproofing renewed. You can buy sprays to do this with or special additives for your washing machine. Make sure to test them on an inconspicuous area first as they can leave watermarks. Your local dry cleaner may also offer this service so do ask.

5. Shop the new season

Now that you have assessed what needs replacing and where the gaps in your wardrobe are you can go shopping. Try to stick to your list and buy the best you can afford. Less is more in my opinion and I often find that my favourite pieces of clothing are timeless classics that I have worn for years. September is a great time to browse the stores and search for beautiful coats and tailored dresses. It’s the beginning of the season so availability across all sizes should still be good. Waiting for the sales is great, but when you are trying to find a particular size they can be tricky. Don’t forget to visit charity and second hand shops too. I found two haute couture coats at my local shop a few years back and I get complimented on them all the time.

autumn winter season shop new season

Shop with intention

Bonus tip

If you feel stuck in a rut and uninspired then take a look at Pinterest for some great style ideas. You can try out different search terms and start building a board with your favourite finds. Follow stylists from your city as they are likely to post links to current season clothes. Click here to get started.

As ever I hope you find this post useful and would love to hear from you in the comments.



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